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AMO Year 3

In the past year we have participated in a number of high profile arts events, festivals, major media presentations, exhibitions and shows around the United States.

This month we have been back to the monastery, Madre Grande, to clean up after fire ravaged the areas east of San Diego this fall. More photos of new artworks, events and aid projects will be up soon, stay tuned and thanks for supporting Amoration.

AMO 2.0

Amoration Studio is launching into 2006 with ManorMeta, our virtual world building in Second Life. The Manor Project is a web and video series in development; stay tuned for more details or visit for more info.

Amoration 2006

For the last few months we have focused our efforts on a few key campaigns:

ManorMeta is the virtual project building the Manor series. Visit Manor in Second Life or learn more on the Omidyar Network ( We have relaunched and are building up our social networks within the Manor world in 2006.

LovePositive features the Thai PeaceTiles video and a primer on the PeaceTiles project for classrooms and groups. Tshirts and art will be available for Valentines Day and you can order now by emailing us at

Enjoy our latest photos from around the world!

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Sugar Studio

Amoration is taking on a new challenge: interactive multimedia for families!

Did you know that it takes 8 positive messages to counterbalance one negative message seen on TV? With so many shows focused on the hurtful and banal aspects of our culture, it seemed time to focus on all of the things we can do RIGHT as ingenious creatures working together for a common cause. To this end we are fiercely writing a new project for Amoration; more details coming soon!

In May Amoration relocated to a large arts community in midtown LA hosted at SUGAR. We welcome you to come visit for our PeaceTiles project on 8/20/05 or email to get involved as a volunteer or project partner.

Amoration Studio
hosted by the community of Sugar
4402 W. Pico Blvd.
LA, CA 90019

Best wishes to all! To join our regular email list please visit our website or email evonne @ Amoration to hop onboard.

Fire and Earth

We've been getting many hits on our new galleries, especially FIRE. A few posters will be available from the fire photomandalas featured, email us for more information!


We're excited to launch this online gallery to start sharing our work with you! As Amoration grows our galleries will too, eventually encompassing multimedia and sound art as well as still images. For now, enjoy these pieces and look for many more to come.


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